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What children learn when they play…

People ask me, "What are the children learning? They are just playing...." Play is a child's work. To create an open ended environment, where children feel they can choose without limitations, takes an eye for knowing what children are interested in and allowing them...

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Our Staff at La Canada Preschool/ How can I get a tour?

I can never say enough about the amazing staff we have at La Canada Preschool. They are the soul of the school, who show the greatest amount of patience and kindness you will ever experience. Mr. Hugo has a way with the children that is both light and strong, as he...

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Creating a school family

One of the most important things we do here at La Canada Preschool is create a school family. When your child comes to preschool they enter the big world for the first time away from home. Here they will look to form a secure attachment with others. When you come to...

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Are you happy at your current preschool?

Are you happy at your current preschool? It can be a feeling you get when your child comes home and just doesn't seem to like school, or maybe you feel that the school is just not a right fit. Here are some signs to look for: Your child complains about going to school...

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10 Reasons why Art is important for Children

When you visit a preschool it is essential to ask how much art the children are creating each day. At the core of learning is the desire to be creative, and children know the difference between true art and art that is directed by adult expectations. A good preschool...

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How do preschools handle discipline?

Discipline is an important topic when working with children yet it can be a topic that is minimized or under spoken of by parents when looking for a preschool. Here are the methods of discipline used in preschools: time out or conflict resolution There was an old...

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Come Register in January in LCP: We are waiting for you

Here at La Canada Preschool we believe in doing the reverse of a waiting list. We have created a school where you can come in, take a tour at your convenience, and join us for preschool by registering in January for the following school year. No waiting list, no...

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Preschool Search: Who, what, where, when and how

It is that time of year when parents start to think about looking for a preschool. To help you with your search, let me give you the lowdown on LCP. Who are we? We are a group of dedicated early childhood educators who believe in children learning through play. We...

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First Day of School and Separation 5 Tips

The first day of school is upon is and with this comes a time of separation for children and parents. Here are some tips for handling this time: Visit the preschool ahead of time. We have an open yard at LCP, where you can come by one the weekends as a family and have...

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Looking for a few preschoolers at LCP

We have a few openings left at  La Canada Preschool, on Tuesday-Thursday mornings. Here's what you need to be here: 2 years 6 months old Toilet Independent Ready to play We would love to have you stay cool,...

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Separation Issues at Preschool

When families enter preschool for the first time it is normal to have issues with separation. It is important to ask a preschool what there policy is, as I find it best to feel you as a parent, are comfortable with how this is handled. We have a small preschool, which...

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What I’m Thankful For

What I'm Thankful For Hey it's Mr. Tony again with some fond words about La Canada Preschool. There are a lot of things that I'm thankful for being at La Canada Preschool. And no it's not having Panda Express, McDonalds, Subway, Penguins or any of the other food...

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Art Fair, Children And Slide Shows Oh My!

Yep it's just around the corner and I'm not referring to Panda Express.   Saturday April 30th we're having our art fair.  I'm excited about the parents finally being able to come in and see all the art work done by their children.   There will be a large variety of...

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Dictations With The Children

Hey it's Mr. Tony again.  I love doing dictations with the children which is an activity I do with the children on an almost regular basis.   It's also a step towards literacy.   It shows  children  that a story has a start, middle and end.  In writing with the...

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Bubble Ball Painting

With the  La Canada Preschool Arts Fair vastly approaching, I worked with the children on painting using bubble balls. It is a fun way of dipping a bouncing plastic ball into paints of  different colors to create unique and different designs such as snowflakes and...

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Blow Dryer Art

Okay so I've got a new art toy to use at the preschool.  I picked up a blow dryer at the CVS  in La Canada and oggled it  and I thought of the wonders I'd do with it.  I experimented with four colors.  I plopped four different colors on top of each other and pulled...

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5 Snack Menu’s at LCP

One of the best things we do at La Canada Preschool is snack. We serve a mini-meal, one that always includes fruit and protein. Here is a week's menu: *Bagels and Cream Cheese w/strawberries *Cereal and Oranges *Pasta and Applesauce *Cheese and Crackers and Applesauce...

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